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          "Very Satisfying"

                       Author: Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications, New York, NY

“Unexpected Journey” is a collection of original piano solos by David Mount, and is his third CD to date. Combining jazz, classical, and pop stylings, Mount’s music has a friendly warmth and openness that is very easy to like.

Most of the twelve songs are contented and peaceful, but also contain a vibrance and energy that showcase Mount’s virtuosity at the piano. A seasoned performer and piano teacher, Mount’s ease with his instrument allows him to paint a broad range of musical pictures and emotional experiences with a variety of techniques and approaches.

Water Dance” opens the album with a sparkling piece that has calm, tranquil moments and others that swirl. A great beginning!

My Son” is one of my favorites, conveying love and optimism with a gentle strength. I also really like “Final Approach,” which is more introspective and a bit darker. It has a mysterious, questioning feeling that is intriguing as well as touching.

Evening Stroll” is joy set to music. Lively and upbeat, this one also has a strong sense of fun and whimsy. “Today Is the Day” gets more serious, describing the combination of feelings of excitement, a little bit of fear, and the anticipation of a momentous day. “Goodbye My Friend” is another favorite, with its flowing melody and bittersweet mood - a very powerful piece.

Kauai Sunset” is as beautiful as the title implies. Sublimely peaceful and delicate, it’s easy to see light dancing on the water as the sun slips into the horizon and disappears. “Unexpected Journey” is a very satisfying listening experience.

The music is complex enough to evolve with each new listen, and is accessible enough to have in the background for other activities.

         "Musical Variations On Life"

                    Author: RJ Lannan, NewAgeReporter.com

David’s contemporary instrumental music is rife with emotion, relaxing in nature and inspirational without being obvious. You can put on this CD and take your own Unexpected Journey in your heart and mind and you will be right where you want to be.

        "I am very impressed with your CD!"

                 Author: Louanne Long, University of Redlands, Professor of Piano

Your music, David, is restful and soothing - wonderful moods! Furthermore I was delighted by the fascinating harmonies and some of the more complex textures. Much of the time I find the new age style to be too simplistic. But in your compositions, apart from the beautiful moods, I found musical satisfaction in the harmonic and textural intricacies and the exploration of piano color. You're a fine musician, David!!

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