Rates/Policies    To Download a PDF of these rates, click here.

(Applicable to Traditional Lessons Only, and ONLY for Beginners)

Monthly Tuition: TRADITIONAL Piano Lessons...(What are Traditional Lessons?) 

  • Private Weekly Lesson - 30 Minutes  $100.00/month  ($25/Lesson) 
  • Private Weekly Lesson - 45 Minutes  $150.00/month  (37.50/Lesson)
  • Private Weekly Lesson - 60 Minutes  $200.00/month  ($50/Lesson)

*If you would like to have your lessons in your OWN home, I
can offer you my "HOUSE-CALL" lessons. I will drive within a
5 mile radius of Calimesa/Yucaipa.
There is an additional fee of $12.50 per lesson. 

Monthly Tuition: **JAZZ Piano Lessons...(What do Jazz Lessons include?)

**Jazz Lessons require an audition and a 1 year minimum commitment.

  • Private Weekly Lesson -30 Minutes $200.00/month ($50/Lesson)
  • Private Weekly Lesson -45 minutes $300.00/month ($75/Lesson)
  • Private Weekly Lesson -60 Minutes $400.00/month ($100/Lesson)

Studio Policies:
1. Tuition payments by cash or check are due by the first of the month.
2. A missed lesson with no notice (no call/no show) will be lost – no make-ups.
3. Any other missed lessons will be made up – no refunds.
4. Add a Late Fee of $15 if payment is not made by the 1st lesson of the month.
5. A minimum of 2 week’s notice is requested when discontinuing lessons.
6. Students that show up LATE to their lesson, will be only be taught for the remainder of their scheduled time. I cannot inconvenience the student that follows you because of your tardiness. Thank you.
7. On the 5th week of the month, there are NO lessons, i.e. The 5th Tuesday of the month or the 5th Wed, etc... If you need clarification on this, please ask.
8. My preferred method of communication is email. My email is: david@davidmount.com
9. Please call me at 909-645-5258 to leave a message if email is not possible.

My preferred method of payment is CASH or CHECK.
(Make checks payable to: David Mount)

  • Oops, what if you forget to pay for lessons?

You arrive at your lesson and it dawns on you..."Oh no! I forgot that it's the 1st week of the month...and it's pay-day." If you ever forget your payment for the monthly tuition and you need to make a quick payment, you can use Paypal for individual lessons. The remainder of your monthly tuition can be paid by cash or check the following week. It's just an easy, quick way to pay if you just so happen to forget your cash or checkbook when it comes time for your lesson. However, I would not recommend using Paypal on a consistent basis due to their extra fees.

If you'd like to pay via PAYPAL, see below. Note that the Paypal fees are included in the price. That is why it is a little bit more. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank You.



*Note – The fees listed are for instruction only. Books and supplies extra.


As an alternative to traditional piano lessons, those that feel they are 

self-disciplined enough to learn from home might consider the program

below...Click Image Below to learn more...