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Information About Piano Lessons With David Mount

Are you looking for a piano teacher? Have you been searching all over the web looking for one? If so, Welcome to my site!
Since this is your first introduction to me, I feel that I need to take the time to explain my teaching philosophy and methods, as well as the reasoning behind them. After you have read what I am all about, you may be ready to sign up for lessons. Then again, my style and approach may not be at all what you need or desire.

Teaching Philosophy and What I Offer:

I specialize in teaching beginning, intermediate, and advanced level piano. I give lessons to children, teens and adults. Students who study with me find that they are given a solid foundation in music theory which helps them to achieve higher levels in many other aspects of music. My music curriculum is a variety of method books (including the Bastien and/or the Alfred Series), handouts and notes created "on the fly" at the lesson. I have found this to be the most prudent way of teaching because every student learns in their own unique way. I pride myself on having the ability to explain the concepts I teach in numerous different ways. It is because of this that my students ALL grasp music theory and technique in a strong way. Yes, my students learn how to read music, how to improvise and how to listen and appreciate more about music than they ever knew existed.

-A Note On Recitals...

{I have found that the vast majority of students are not interested in formal recitals. For the few who really enjoy playing for others, I encourage them to play for friends and relatives at family gatherings, at school talent shows, and with/for their church or other service group. Most kids (and their parents) have enough going on without adding in a recital schedule! Also, the planning and costs involved in having recitals would significantly increase the tuition rates for my students and make lessons much less affordable.}

For my older students I make sure to talk with them about what pieces they may enjoy and I work closely with them to ensure that they choose pieces that not only fit their current ability but also challenge them at the same time. This manner of teaching allows the older students to have a great sense of pride when they finish learning that piece. It also enables them to build the confidence needed to move on to more challenging material.

For advanced students, I offer and encourage competition and more advanced study. Either with their peers, myself or any piano competition that may be up and coming. This includes preparation, self study and discipline that will be of utmost importance in many other aspects of their life, not just piano performance. I tell my students that life is a lot like learning to play the piano. "You get out of it what you put into it".

I also teach Jazz Piano for those who feel they have an interest in learning this great art. Click here to read about what I offer as far as learning how to play jazz piano.

To conclude, I would like to also mention that piano lessons with me are always non-rushed, in relaxed environment on a baby-grand piano here in my home in Calimesa, CA. Parents are more than welcome to observe the lessons and afterwards free to ask any questions. I believe that the more the parent is involved with their child's lessons, the better the student will do.

I offer praise and encouragement to all my students and I believe it is wise for parents to do the same.

Are piano lessons easy? No. But then again, is anything in life that is worthwhile, "easy"? I believe the answer to that is, No.

Can and should piano lessons be fun? YES! And isn't anything that is worthwile in life important to be fun? YES!

Let's begin this musical journey together. Not only will I be your piano teacher...I am your guide, your coach and your mentor.

A Glimpse Into My Background:   Download David's RESUME

I began my piano teaching journey at an early stage of life. I was in the last half of 8th grade in 1986 and had only been taking piano lessons myself for a whopping 7 years. I had grown my "teaching business" to about 5 students and I would ride my bike to their houses on Saturdays to teach. It was a great learning experience for me...as well as a great part time job for a 13 year old! I continued to teach through High School and in College where I Majored in Piano Performance. Through the years I gained more and more students as well as more and more experience. I love the piano and I enjoy seeing students make discoveries with music and playing piano.

To date, I calculate that I have taught well over 29-thousand piano lessons! In fact, I've recently written a book on the subject of piano lessons aimed primarily at parents of students. It is entitled "The Ultimate Guide To Piano Lessons".


Through the years, I have also been a professional musician. I have found myself fortunate enough to play in over 1,700 live productions with a multitude of talent. Currently I am the District-Accompanist for the Upland Unified School District as well as the Accompanist for all musical productions at Foothill Country Day School in Clairmont, CA.  I also do music consulting and work as a freelance pianist/keyboardist.

When it comes to choosing a piano teacher, I feel strongly that I am a good choice for students and parents because of my many years of teaching experience as well as my real life experience when it comes to performance. I look forward to working with you and/or your child and being YOUR piano teacher!

What To Do Next
If this sounds like the type of program that you or your child is looking for and would enjoy, you can contact me via email or you can call me at 909-645-5258. If I do not answer,I will contact you as quickly as possible. Usually the same day, but always within one business day. Whether you become a client or not, I would like to wish you well in your musical journey.

David Mount


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