Are you a music student or musician that sometimes "gets stuck"? Perhaps you are working on something where you just don't understand a certain concept. Maybe, you just need a different person to bounce something off of? Need help with reading rhythms? Notes? Chords? Chord Voicings? Maybe, you don't need to switch teachers, rather, you just need some extra help? Are you in CHOIR and struggling to read your music because your choir teacher is "too busy" doing many other aspects of being a CHOIR teacher to really, truly help you grasp what you know you need to do?

Maybe you would like to "up your game" and really focus on getting ahead in your music studies? Whatever the case may be, I CAN HELP YOU!

I am offering an exciting extra service: MUSIC COACHING. The way it works is for an additional $35/month, you can have access to me for 40 extra minutes (10 minutes/week) where you can Skype me for things like extra help, motivation, questions, checking practice progress, etc. This can be very positive and helpful towards reaching your piano/music goals. Recommended for the serious student. Coaching would occur 3 to 4 days after each weekly lesson. For example, if your normal lesson day was on a Monday, you would have your coaching session on Thursday. This gives the student enough time after the lesson to work things on their own, yet it's enough time before their next lesson to get some extra help. It's kind of like an extra nudge in the right direction to be sure things are flowing as smoothly as possible and things are not being practiced incorrectly, etc.

Coaching CAN be a la carte (just by itself) with NO lessons, if that is what you need and/or want. I am glad to accommodate for this also.

Remember, to get started, you just need to CONTACT me here.