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Hi, I'm David Mount. Do you want to learn how to play the piano better? Do you already take lessons but want to go a different, more exciting direction?  If yes, I can help you get your playing & understanding to a new level. I am a professional musician and music teacher. Currently, I am the accompanist for the choral programs in the Upland Unified School District in Southern California. As my schedule allows, I also accompany a number of additional local school's choral programs. In addition, I find myself in orchestra pits and on stages in several theater shows several times per year throughout Southern California. I also play casuals, weddings, funerals, special events, etc. As a piano teacher, pianist, accompanist & keyboardist, my life is never lacking in variety!  I love what I do and I love being able to tell people that "I play" for a living!

More About Me...

I began teaching piano when I was a teenager! Since then I have taught over 29,000 lessons! In fact I've written a book on that very subject. It's called "The Ultimate Guide To Piano Lessons"
I can teach jazz, pop, blues, classical, etc. I have years of experience playing in bands, combos, orchestras and other ensembles and because of that, I have the ability to share with students the real life application of what it is they are wanting to accomplish musically.

Studying piano can be fun and rewarding and if you are wanting to "up your game" and you also have the desire to put in the work, I'd be happy to be your teacher!

Are you interested in taking online piano lessons?

Well, currently I am accepting students (age 12 to adult) into an online lesson program utilizing Skype.

Note: For ONLINE students, I am only accepting students that have previously taken piano lessons for a minimum of ONE YEAR.  (skype-lessons are not well suited for beginning students)

If you have at least a year of piano lessons/experience under your belt then Skype Lessons can be a fun and rewarding way to further your studies. Skype lessons include everything that traditional face-to-face lessons normally cover. With the current stage of advanced technology along with the fact that most everyone has a personal device and is connected to the web, it just makes perfect sense that piano lessons would be able to be taken online.  Besides, the convenience of having lessons in your own home is great. Along with the fact that students can practice immediately after the lesson when ideas are fresh and when energy levels are still high.  To read about some pros and cons of taking online lessons, I believe you'll find the following article very insightful and helpful. Here is the link: 

How do we have online lessons?

Using Skype via your personal device such as your iPhone, Android, Tablet, Laptop etc, would be how we would navigate through our lessons together. 

Please feel free to discover more about me as a teacher and musician by clicking here:

In a nut shell, here are my qualifications:


If you are excited to begin your journey of online piano lessons, I am excited to be able to bring them to you in the comfort of your own home.

Again be sure to read through the list I had mentioned regarding the pros & cons of online lessons. The truth is, online lessons are not suited for everyone. But, if you feel that this would be of value to you, I am more than ready to help you reach your music goals. Let's do this!

Below are my prices for online lessons:

Lessons are once a week for 30 minutes, and the tuition is paid monthly (no contracts)

$110/month (4, thirty-minute lessons) (books & materials not included)

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Now, I also offer an exciting extra service: MUSIC COACHING. The way it works is for an additional $35/month, you can have access to me for 40 extra minutes (10 minutes/week) where you can Skype me for things like extra help, motivation, questions, checking practice progress, etc. This can be very positive and helpful towards reaching your piano goals. Recommended for the serious student. Coaching would occur 3 to 4 days after each weekly lesson. For example, if your normal lesson day was on a Monday, you would have your coaching session on Thursday. This gives the student enough time after the lesson to work things on their own, yet it's enough time before their next lesson to get some extra help.  It's kind of like an extra nudge in the right direction to be sure things are flowing as smoothly as possible and things are not being practiced incorrectly, etc.

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By The Way, Your 1ST LESSON IS FREE!

If you have read thru all of the above information and appropriate links and you are interested in getting started with lessons, I would ask that you please take a few moments to answer some simple questions in order to facilitate your lessons as soon as possible. Thank you!


(This will take you to the questionnaire, and once I receive it, I'll be in contact)

I appreciate you answering these questions. It makes the entire process so much more simple. I will be responding back to you as soon as I possibly can. But, please give me at least a few days. I look forward to getting you scheduled and started with your Skype Lessons very soon! I'm excited for you!!!


-David Mount