So what exactly do you get with online piano lessons with David Mount?
This is NOT an exhaustive list...

Beginners: (with a minimum of ONE YEAR prior lessons)

  • Learn to read music BETTER
  • Learn to read and understand rhythmic notation BETTER
  • Learn about the proper techniques to ensure your success
  • Learn how to practice and make the best use of your time
  • Learn to MASTER the basics...which will propel you to faster results
  • Have FUN making music!
  • ...And MUCH, MUCH, more....


  • Learn to better your playing skills more quickly & efficiently
  • Learn to read chords and lead sheets/charts
  • Learn how to voice chords to sound more sophisticated and "beefy"
  • Learn about music theory in a way that is more practical and beneficial
  • Strengthen your technique
  • Become a stronger player that is more confident
  • Learn new music faster and more efficiently
  • Better your sight reading abilities
  • Learn Improvisation
  • ...And MUCH, MUCH, more....


  • Become the powerhouse player you wish to become
  • Strengthen your ears
  • Learn how to navigate through music like a profesional player.
  • Do's and dont's of playing with other musicians
  • Learn the "language" of pro-players
  • Learn how to get more gigs and how to network
  • Learn to master many techniques and tricks of the trade
  • Learn the importance of learning how to follow any number of different conductors & their unique way of conducting
  • The art of Accompanying 
  • Composition, Transcribing,  Improvisation
  • Learn the best possible way to practice to maximize your time
  • How to play any style of music, making you a sought after player
  • ...And MUCH, MUCH, more....