Piano Lessons For Adults and Teens

Hi, I'm David Mount.

Are you an adult or teen looking to take 

Piano Lessons in Your Home

(I can come to YOU)


Piano Lessons in Calimesa?

(located in my home studio on a baby grand)

Maybe you already play? Perhaps you'd like to better your skill or sharpen your technique?

Maybe you're an absolute beginner and have never learned to play the piano, but you've always wanted to.

Or, if you're like some, perhaps you may have taken lessons as a child or teenager, but for whatever reason, you stopped, and you've longed for the day that you could finally learn to play. Well, my friend, I'm here to tell you that now is the time. Yes, now! STOP putting off your dream of learning the piano. STOP telling yourself that you'll do it someday. LISTEN, “Someday” doesn't exist! You have right now. You only have NOW.
Whenever it was then, it was actually now at the time. And whenever you get there, it will be now then too. You owe it to yourself to learn how to play piano and impress your friends and family.

What Do YOU Want?

So, what do you want to learn? What styles? What pieces? What periods/genres? What are your dreams?

Do you want to "play in a closet" for no one but yourself? Maybe you wish to be on a stage with a large audience listening to you grace the keyboard?

Or are you somewhere in between? Just think, YOU can learn to play any style you want. Do you want to learn to play classical? What about jazz? How about ragtime?...or what about Broadway? Maybe you want to learn how to re-harmonize church music?

Listen, there is a whole new world awaiting you & your musical pursuit. The question really is: What do you want? I can provide you with the coaching, the lessons, the inspiration, the technical know-how, theory, etc, etc...remember, I have taught over 29,000 piano lessons since 1986! But again, what do you want? What are you going to do about your desire to learn to play the piano?

If you seriously want to learn, I sincerely want to teach you!
If you want the best results, you need one-on-one coaching & instruction.

You DO want the best results right?

Here's the bottom line: You want a skill that will provide joy. As a professional musician, I have that skill. But more importantly, I have the ability to teach YOU that skill in a fun, upbeat manner that won't seem like a drag. My students always have a lot of fun at their lessons and they keep coming back for more...so I must be doing something right.

What's This Going To Cost Me?

Ok, so you're probably wondering “How much is this going to cost me?”

I have a variety of pricing packages for you to choose from that will suit your needs.
Click here for the Rate Page.

Take note: Lessons are in my home here in Southern California on a baby grand piano...and remember, these are NOT group lessons like at a junior college. These are individual, private, one-on-one lessons. Which means I go at your pace. It doesn't get any more personalized than that. And we'll study the style or styles that you are interested in.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you and getting you started on your musical journey!


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