Do Not Take Piano Lessons…Without Reading This…

From: David Mount, Pianist, Composer, Accompanist, Author, Teacher

Are you an adult or teen that is currently taking piano lessons? Are you a parent with a kid or kids in piano lessons? Perhaps you are just considering starting piano lessons and don’t know where to begin?

Hi, I’m David Mount and I’m here to tell you some important things about taking piano lessons that you may have never heard before.
But more on that later.

First let me tell you that since the mid 1980s, I have taught over 29,000+ piano lessons and I have also been in more than 1,900 live productions as a professional musician. Having taught so many piano lessons through the years I’ve learned a few things about the process as a whole when it comes to:

What Students Expect
What Teachers Expect

I’ve seen what adult students and teenagers go through when it comes to learning to play the piano. And I’ve seen what younger students and their parents struggle with as well.

For most people, piano lessons are not easy. It is a struggle. I’ve seen the frustrations of students and parents alike. Frustrations with scheduling, frustrations with finding time to practice, frustrations with the actual teacher, frustrations with their lack of progress….and on and on and on.

Back when I first started teaching the piano I was young & completely oblivious to these types of things. I just wanted to make some extra cash. But after I had gotten some teaching experience under my belt, I started to notice certain types of patterns in students. I found patterns in students doing the same types of things that either led them to quitting lessons or never realizing their true potential.

Through the years I noticed that this kept happening and students kept doing it over and over. But one day, it dawned on me. I thought wow, I’ve got to really study this problem and try to come up with a solution so that my students will be a success. I mean let’s face it, their progress was a direct reflection of me and my teaching abilities.

So, I began talking with as many other piano teachers as I could about their student’s struggles and what they did as their teacher to combat the general apathy and unsuccessful progress most students suffer from.

I also talked with drum teachers, guitar teachers, violin teachers, saxophone teachers, trumpet teachers, voice teachers and many others. What I found was astounding to me. It didn’t matter what instrument these teachers taught, they too were struggling with certain students to see progress, and seeing certain students not show up for lessons and certain students that seemed to have a general lack of interest in studying music.

Now the surprising part was, these were all students with a great background with supportive parents and who got good grades and had a lot of friends and adult students who seemed relatively happy with life. They seemed to struggle the most! It just didn’t make any sense. What was I missing? It was then that I started to keep a record of the characteristics that these struggling students possessed as well as what certain characteristics all of the super successful students had.

This was a difficult task I set out to resolve. I had charts and graphs and over 42 music teacher’s input. I worked and worked on this because I knew there had to be a solution. I knew that taking piano lessons and being successful at it must be attainable for anyone. And after 2 1/2 years of research…I cracked it! Yes! I now knew what had to be done! I found the solution. And I have now given my advice to countless students who have in turn been able to now approach the piano and piano lessons with this new fresh mindset. These students now have the benefits of knowing how to approach piano and have been given the right kind of advice which now propels them to musical success faster than they thought was possible.

I knew that there had to be millions of other people who were struggling to put an end to the frustrations of piano lessons and all that lessons involve. So I decided to do something about it. I’ve worked and worked to put all of what I have learned over the years of teaching over 29 thousand piano lessons together with all the research from my colleagues. I have put this knowledge into an easy to understand simple guide.

Now Introducing:
“The Ultimate Guide To Piano Lessons”

(What every prospective student/parent needs
to know about piano lessons, but didn’t know they should ask)
By David Mount

“The Ultimate Guide To Piano Lessons” is an excellent resource for anyone who is either currently taking piano lessons, or not yet begun piano lessons. It doesn’t matter if you are 5 years old or 95 years old.

Parents of small children will benefit by know what to ask their child’s piano teacher and how to ask it. Adults and teens will find new ways of challenging themselves to excellence and will find it extremely motivating.

I don’t pull any punches in “The Ultimate Guide To Piano Lessons”. What you’ll get is a “fluff free” tell it like it is, no nonsense look at what it takes to be a success at the piano. You will quickly and easily benefit from my years of knowledge and you will save time and money when it comes to learning to play the piano.

Inside of “The Ultimate Guide To Piano Lessons” you’ll discover:

How To Know You’ve Chosen Wisely…Things like…
How To Find The ”Right” Piano Teacher
How To Spot A Crummy Teacher Right Away
Should You Be Practicing On A Keyboard Or A Piano?
Should You Consider NOT Taking Lessons? Really?
Questions To Consider When Taking Piano Lessons…
Adults: Are You Too Old For This?
Do You Get Smarter By Taking Piano Lessons?
How Long It Will Actually Take You To Get Good At The Piano?
Learn Why I Think Mistakes Are Fantastic!
… But Be Careful…Find Out The Key Ingredient That Will Blow You Away.
Piano Maintenance, Music Goals, & Words of Caution
The Proper Care & Maintenance Of Your Piano…
What Most Dealers and Tuners Don’t Want You To Know
Can Setting Music Goals Actually Slow You Down?
…Why You May Be Doing It Wrong!
What Should ”Really” Be Happening At A Piano Lesson?…
…An Inside Look…And A Warning…What Should You Watch For?
How Can You Get Free Music?
Find out in one of the chapters how you can get an entire album for Free!
Take a serious look at what others are saying about “The Ultimate Guide To Piano Lessons”

“I would encourage anyone that might be on the fence about “The Ultimate Guide To Piano Lessons”. You need to order David’s product. He really knows his stuff. My daughter has been taking piano lessons on and off for about 3 years now and I wish we would have known what we know now. It’s been quite a game changer…Thanks David!”

 -Megan V. Sacramento, CA 

“Precise, consistent and informative. David’s writing style will put you at ease and you will know more about piano lessons than you ever thought would be possible. I am an adult student who is just starting out with lessons. I got a hold of David’s guide and I have been on a very good fast pace now for the past 6 weeks. I was able to make some wise choices thanks to the advice in this guide. Way to go, David!”

-Patrick T. Chapel Hill, North Carolina  

“My wife and I were able to find “the right teacher” as David puts it, and because of that research, our son is now getting opportunities to study with one of the greatest minds in music in our area at least. We have seen great improvement in our son’s interest when it comes to music and now he’s asking to listen to stuff we never in a million years thought that he would appreciate. It’s neat. Thank you, Mr. Mount.”

-Hal & Silvia Y. Lowell, Mass 

“Excellent, excellent, excellent! David, you hit a home run with this book! Very informative and passionate!”

 -Natasha S. Las Vegas, NV 

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Now that you’ve heard what others have to say about”The Ultimate
Guide To Piano Lessons”, you might be wondering why I would even
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It’s because of this: I am passionate about what I do! I am
excited to share this to the world for the mere fact that if I change
the way people experience music lessons in a more positive way,
that’s awesome! But even more than that, is that if I can show
people a love for music and the piano, they might discover that
there is this whole other world that exists. A world of emotions,
drama, suspense, joy, sadness, goofiness, and beauty all combined!

Yes, a whole new realm of possibilities are out there waiting for
music students. Discovering these things that I mention can not be
found by any other means other than experiencing making music.
If I can make this process happen with greater ease, then I have
done my job. I wish only the best for you and your successful
musical journey.

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”The Ultimate Guide To Piano Lessons”, that I want to take all the
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I would feel confident placing a $37 price tag on this product. But, I am not going to do that. I am only charging $17! If you think about it, $17 is nothing in comparison to all the money spent on lesson tuition.

Most piano teachers charge anywhere from $15 to $50 per lesson. So, spending $17 to learn about how to make the most of an opportunity you are planning on investing in anyways, makes a lot of sense. In ”The Ultimate Guide To Piano Lessons”, I go through 17 tough questions that you should either know or implement into piano lessons immediately.

That’s ONE DOLLAR per question!
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If you decide NOT to take action
right now, you’ll still be wondering if
you have the wrong piano teacher,
if you or your child is actually
practicing the wrong way or all the
wrong things, and what types of things should be happening in your lessons. You’ll never know how you can get really good in the quickest way possible…etc.

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P.S. Here’s a recap of JUST SOME of the things in

”The Ultimate Guide To Piano Lessons”

• How To Find The ”Right” Piano Teacher
• How To Spot A Crummy Teacher Right Away
• Keyboard Or A Piano…Does It Matter? Find Out…
• Should You Consider NOT Taking Lessons? Really?
• Adults: Are You Too Old For This?
• Do You Get Smarter By Taking Piano Lessons?
• How Long It Will It Take To Get Good At The Piano ?
• Why I Think Mistakes Are Fantastic!
• Learn About The Proper Care & Maintenance Of Your Piano
• Can Setting Music Goals Actually Slow You Down?
• What Should Really Be Happening At A Piano Lesson?
…And Much More…